Excavator Coupler
The SideTool Excavator Coupler connects various SideTool attachments below the swivel of a 3-6 ton excavator, allowing the operator to work from the road shoulder, as well as grade the shoulder or planter, compact, backfill, install silt fence and safety fence. Attachments below the swivel frees the bucket to address materials and obstacles that formerly needed a second machine and operator. Simply weld on the SideTool A-1 plate, and your excavator now becomes an efficient, more versatile multi-tool.

The SideTool Ready Excavator Advantage vs. conventional skid steer placement of attachments:

  • Freed bucket allows for immediate removal of debris and material manipulation.
  • 360° visibility is especially critical when performing tasks such as silt fence installation. Traditionally, a silt fence plow must be pulled backwards. The SideTool Ready Excavator allows the operator to drive forward while using the excavator’s freed bucket.
  • When performing shoulder work, drive from the stability and ease of the road surface.
  • The SideTool Ready Excavator increases efficiency by 40% over many traditional attachments previously only utilized on a skid steer.
  • In minutes, the SideTool Excavator Coupler is attached or detached from your excavator by simply placing or removing two pins.
  • Adding the SideTool A-1 Plate to your entire fleet of mini-excavators allows the placement of the SideTool Excavator Coupler to all machines, increasing the versatility and efficiency of your equipment by 50%.

A SideTool Excavator Coupler is required in order to connect the following SideTool attachments:

  • SideTool Silt Fence Installer
  • SideBlade
  • SideTool Backfill Blade
  • SideTool Compaction Wheel
  • SideTool Fence Installer
Excavator Coupler operational specifications
Height 17 in. (48 cm)
Width 27 in. (68 cm)
Length 41 in. (104 cm)