Fence Installer
Fence Installer
  • Efficiently places safety mesh, fencing wire, wire mesh, game fence, barbed wire, etc.
  • Excavator bucket is free to remove rocks and other obstacles.
  • 360° excavator visibility!
  • Eco-friendly, fence is placed as ground is disturbed.
  • Placing the tool to the side works as a stabilizer in hillside conditions.
  • Saves 40% over traditional labor intensive systems

SideTool has the most efficient fence installation system in the market. There is no need to install safety fencing going backwards on a skid steer. Drive forward and increase production by 40%.

Placing the SideTool Fence Installer to the side allows for the operator to see the working area far more effectively than ever before with full view of the working tool. With the tool placed below the swivel of an excavator, our SideTool Fence Installer allows for 360° visibilities and can be used in conditions where it was once prohibitive and dangerous.

By placing the SideTool Fence Installer below the swivel of an excavator the bucket is freed to allow the operator to simultaneously remove obstacles.

The SideTool Fence Installer is an optional add on to the SideTool Silt Fence Installer allowing operators to install wire mesh backing simultaneously with the silt fencing. Attachment of the SideTool Fence Installer requires the purchase of either a SideTool Excavator Coupler or Skid Steer Coupler. These couplers allow for the attachment of all compatible SideTool attachments and, where available, for the interchangeability of SideTool attachments between machines.