• Highest return on investment
  • Proven success
  • Set forms directly on the finish grade
  • Slash labor costs
  • Grade from off the shoulder

"I just did 300 feet in 15 minutes! The SideGrader will pay for itself in 30 days."

— Will Earnshaw, Vice President Operations, North Bay Construction

Highest return on investment
The SideGrader saves $3,000 per day (based on 2,000 Lft @ $0.30 per square foot for rough and finish grade, compared to a typical cost of $0.60 or more = savings of $1.50/Lft).

Proven success
Since its inception, the patented SideGrader has completed over 9 million feet of sidewalk, asphalt and shoulder finish grade. The SideGrader increases an excavator’s earning potential from $80/hr. to over $400/hr. while preparing grade in half the time, saving the typical contractor over 40%.

Set forms directly on the finish grade
The SideTool system enables SideGrader operators to provide the most accurate grade in the industry, within 1/4 inch.

The SideGrader guide wheels run on top-of-curb or road surface datum allowing the operator to easily maintain the grade without the need for a costly survey. NO MORE DIGGING IN FORMS!

Slash labor costs
The SideGrader is up to four times more efficient than traditional methods and has completed most jobs in half the time and at half the cost. Our system requires only one operator and one laborer, versus the typical 3-5 person crew.

Grade from off the shoulder
Utilities in shoulder and sidewalk grades can be a real problem on today’s projects. SideTool places the machine on the even road surface and frees the bucket to allow operators to manipulate the material and remove obstacles themselves.

SideGrader Vision

SideGrader Vision User Manual (PDF)

The SideGrader Vision, included with the SideGrader, gives a visual readout in the cab via the wireless slope sensor to show the operator their grade to within 1/10th of a percent.

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Ocala Excavision Grading System
Found on our wireless non-automated SideGrader. The customized Ocala System software provides the operator with a 5"x7" cab display that allows for a grade within 1/10th percent.

Our wireless SideGrader will go on any 5-ton excavator. Recommended: cab, long stick, and 2 way blade models.

Included with the SideGrader:

  • Grading blade with replaceable cutting edges
  • Welded attachment plates
  • Diagonal brace
  • Excavision display and 1 wireless sensor
  • Custom handle
  • Wireless controlled hydraulic valve
  • Microtronics wireless transceivers
  • Orvitek Battery System
  • Under pressure hydraulic quick disconnects
  • SideTool digital grade stick
SideGrader operational specifications
Height 44 in. (119 cm)
Width 44 in. (119 cm)
Length 90 in. (229 cm)
Grading length 58-88 in. (114-224 cm)

SideGrader shipping specifications
Height 44 in. (119 cm)
Width 44 in. (119 cm)
Length 68 in. (173 cm)
Weight 1200 lbs (544 kg)