SideTool Material Roller – Erosion Control Efficiency!

#SideTool was awarded 2012 Equipment Today's Top 50 Products of the Year!

SideTool is recognized as the industry leader in attachment innovation. Providing a fresh new look at contractor solutions that increase efficiency and safety. The SideTool Advantage continues to provide product solutions that give today's contractor a competitive edge.

This labor saving erosion control device can cut your man hours and double your productivity at the same time. Dan Neaton of Neaton Bros. Erosion Control in Watertown, MN uses a roller on all of their erosion control blanket jobs. He says: "Before we began using a roller, we had a six person crew to handle carrying the rolls, rolling and stapling. We could install 8000 sq. yards on a good day. Now, with the roller, we can install 20,000 sq. yards a day with a 5 person crew."

The boom on the Material Roller can be controlled from the cab. It can swing 180° to unroll from the right or left side of the skid steer. The boom can also be positioned straight out from the cab to unload rolls directly from a trailer. This allows the contractor to use larger rolls that could not be handled manually. This saves material cost and time.

SideTool Silt Fence Installer
Operational Specifications
Height without stem 19 inches (483 mm)
Width without stem 45.5 inches (1156 mm)
Length without stem 68 inches (1727 mm)
Weight without stem 530 lbs (204 kg)
Pivot Arm Swing 180"
Stem Arm Swing 115" up, 8" down
Stem wts. (2.375 in. dia.) 5 ft. : 35 lbs. (16.32 kn) 7.67 ft. : 49 lbs. (22.22 kn) 9 ft. : 56 lbs (125.40 kg)
Max rol wt. 2.375 in dia Stems 5 ft. : 420 lbs. (190.68 kg 7.67 ft. : 250 lbs. (113.50 kg) 9 ft. : 210 lbs. (95.34 kg)
Stem wts. (3.5 in. dia.) 5 ft. : 39 lbs. (17.69 kg) 7.67 ft. : 60 lbs. (27.22 kg) 9 ft. : 70 lbs. (31.75 kg)
Max rol wt. 3.5 inm. dia Stems 5 ft. : 500 lbs. (227kg) 7.67 ft. : 500lbs (227kg) 9 ft. : 500 lbs (227 kg)
Mountable roll widths 4 ft. on 5ft. Stem 6.67 ft. on 7.67 it. Stem 8 ft. on 9 ft. Stem