• Grade planter strips from the road surface.
  • Easily grade next to curbs and road shoulders.
  • Perfect slope every time. Grade from the road!

The SideBlade is a landscaper’s only attachment solution for: replacing trenching spoils, subgrade and topsoil finish grade inside of the planter strip area. Place topsoil and grade as fast as you can drive. The SideBlade coupled with the SideTrencher make for extremely efficient work of the median and planter areas!

One of the most difficult grades to achieve in construction is the matching grade to the curb or road surface. Because the SideTool system places the machine off the grade, it makes quick work of matching existing road grade to the adjoining grade next to the road or behind the curb. The advantages of the SideBlade become obvious as much of the time it is impractical to use a road grader, and in a planter very difficult because of the likelihood of damaging the curb or sidewalk. The SideBlade places the operator on a skid steer or compact excavator, away from utilities, and on to the road surface. Grading is far more efficient than ever. Damage to the curb and road is all but eliminated!

A frequently-asked question: Will placing the SideBlade to the side of a skid steer or excavator cause twist?

Answer: SideTool began as a grading contractor with the SideGrader. After over 9 million feet of grade, hanging the blade over 10ft to the side, the answer is NO! Twist is not the issue. For the placement of loosened native, topsoil, or crushed rock, the SideTool system cannot be beat. When placing the SideBlade on the excavator as your SideTool carrying system, the bucket is freed to loosen even the hardest and rockiest ground, while keeping the material in front of the blade, creating grade perfectly matched to the road surface or top of curb datum.

When grading in the planter area, landscape contractors are typically dealing with the loosened trench spoils and topsoil, therefore the skid steer system works well if no compact excavator is available. In the end, using the SideBlade on either the excavator or skid steer works far superior to a rake and shovel!

SideBlade operational specifications
Height 32 in. (81 cm)
Width 36 in. (91 cm)
Length 42 in. (107 cm)
Grading length 42-60 in. (107-152 cm)

SideBlade shipping specifications
Height 24 in. (61 cm)
Width 42 in. (107 cm)
Length 44 in. (112 cm)
Weight 620 lbs (281 kg)
Available options: non hydraulic with manual ratchets hydraulic extension