Trench Forward with SkidSteer and SideTrencher Attachment

SideTrencher Increases Trenching Efficiency Over 40%

Ever get tired of trenching backwards with your SkidSteer? We have and that's why we have developed the SideTrencher to increase trenching efficiency by over 40%. We have been in the trenches and know how frustrating it can be trying to get things to run smoothly. You have to get a reliable shadow worker, stop periodically to check for accuracy and so on. The SideTrencher makes it possible to trench forward which in turn increases how fast you go, your accuracy, and eliminates the need for extra labor.

We have developed SideTrencher to do what makes the most sense, trench forward instead of backwards. We want to share trenching forward, an idea that seems basic when you think about it yet revolutionary at the same time. You can see how it works in the video above but we have gone one step further.

We have a PDF that shows you exactly which jobs will instantly make your investment back and more. You can be bidding more competitively and with more profit right upon using the SideTrencher.

We have calculations that show this could pay for itself easily within the first one or two jobs. Here is that PDF to download here. But there's more.

Not just for the SideTrencher but for all products here including a SideGrader, SkidSteer Coupler, Silt Fence Installer, Excavator Coupler, SideBlade, and Fence Installer.

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Silt Fence Installer

The Silt Fence Installer installs fencing 40% faster. The location of the operator also allows for use of the bucket to remove obstacles on the fly. See it in action here:

Just as with the SideTrencher, we have worked hard to setup a system installing Silt Fences that just works. Like the trencher you can make your money back invested within the first few jobs. Get the PDF to learn more.

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Quick PDF shows exactly how the SideTrencher works to easily make money back on first few uses

PDF to download here

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Our SideTrencher Package fits all skid steer loader brands such as Bobcat, CAT, John Deere, New Holland, JCB, etc.

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