Excavator Attachments

Many of our innovative attachments are designed for the mini-hydraulic excavator in the 3-8 metric ton range. Most are interchangeable between the mini-excavator and the skid-steer, allowing the contractor to place the attachment on either machine if one of them is occupied with a different task.


Many of the mini-excavator attachments are placed below the swivel of the excavator, so the bucket is free to remove obstacles or move around material. Only SideTool allows you to turn your mini-excavator into a multi-tool powerhouse.


Several of our attachments are placed on the thumb of the excavator, so you don’t have to spend time and energy to remove and re-install the bucket. The efficiency you gain from placing SideTool attachments on your mini-excavator is so significant – you will outbid and outperform your competition every time.