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SideTool’s all-new SCX straw crimper lets you say goodbye to poorly secured, uneven straw mulch installation due to rocks, roots, stumps and even sidewalks. Why? Because each SCX mulch crimper disc can pivot left and right and up and down independently from each other which is a big advantage over other straw crimpers. No other mulch crimper offers this time-saving, quality installation feature.

When a conventional, single-shaft crimper hits a rock, the whole machine lifts up and can totally disengage the soil. Not so with the SCX straw crimper. When an SCX crimper disc hits an object, it floats over and pivots around it, while the other discs remain firmly engaged with the soil. The disc pivoting action also allows for smoother, tighter turns for faster installation.

These amazing features, along with the SCS’s sturdy construction and ease of operation let you conficently and uniformly crimp straw -that will stay crimped- to keep soil in place and undisturbed… even in high winds or heavy rainfall.