Rotating Couplers

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The A- 1 plate is the key to unlocking your mini-excavator’s potential and transforming your machine into a multi-tool system. We offer clear instructions on how to weld the A-1 plate to the side of the mini-excavator blade (This does not ever interfere with the blade’s functions).

SideTool MHE Coupler

Once the A-1 Plate has been placed on the side of the mini-excavator blade, you may place the MHE coupler on the A-1 Plate, so that SideTool attachments can now be placed below the swivel of the excavator.

SideTool Rotating Coupler

Have you ever been in a situation where trenching or installation of silt fence was simply impossible to reach – but you still need to get the job done? That’s why SideTool offers the rotating coupler that is placed at the end of the excavator boom. This allows the operator to trench or install silt fence on steep slopes beyond the width of the tracks and parallel with the tracks. There are plenty of occasions when dangerous work like this has to be performed behind a guardrail, in a swampy area, wetland, etc. Until now, that could only be performed with unsafe, manual labor. The rotating coupler can make the job far safer, far more efficient and less costly.