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Profit is often lost in the finishing work of projects, particularly when it comes to roads & bridges, sidewalks, and parking lots. The following tasks need a huge boost in efficiency in order for a contractor to increase profits and meet budget guidelines:

  • Curbs & gutters
  • Road shoulder grading
  • Grading medians between roads and sidewalks
  • Sidewalk grading
  • Planter-strip grading

The SideTool SideBlade is the #1 solution for significantly increasing efficiency in all of these categories. rapping.

Check out the image below and see how the bucket is freed to move obstacles and move around material as the SideBlade grades the surface from the side of the machine. The datum wheel on the SideBlade can be placed either on the curb or on the ground to ensure an even and accurate grade.

With this next image, ask yourself: Are there ANY solutions available that are as efficient for grading a sloped shoulder?

Imagine how much faster road-shoulder grading could be accomplished – then imagine the high degree of consistent accuracy. This translates into one thing: A significant increase in profitability for the contractor and a far better chance of meeting deadlines.

The SideBlade is interchangeable between the mini-excavator and the skid steer. On the skid steer, use the SideBlade for grading or backfilling after trenching.

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