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HIGHEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT: The SideGrader saves $3,000 per day! Remarkable ROI Based on 2,000 Lft, at $0.30 per square foot for rough and finish grade, compared to a typical cost of $0.60 or more.

PROVEN SUCCESS: The patented SideGrader system, in use since 2004, has completed over 9 million feet of sidewalk, asphalt and shoulder prep. The SideGrader averages $400 per hour, saving a typical contractor 40-50%.

SET FORMS DIRECTLY ON THE FINISH GRADE: Most accurate grade in the industry, within 1/10%.

SLASH LABOR COSTS: Our system requires only one operator and one laborer, vs. the typical 3-5 person crew.

GRADE FROM THE ROAD SURFACE: The SideGrader places the machine on the road surface away from obstacles.