SideTool is nestled in the foothills of Mount Rainier in a small town called Eatonville. Our story began over twenty years ago through the innovation of our founder and inventor Steve Schmidt. In an industry whose time was long overdue for bold, new innovation, Steve set out to solve common challenges in the construction industry that prevented contractors from enjoying the most efficient, safe, and productive results.

As a result of Steve's inventions, SideTool offers equipment attachment systems that truly revolutionize the construction industry. The innovation began with a solution that placed tools to the side of the skid steer, allowing the operator to drive forward instead of backwards and avoid being on top of an unstable grade. This innovation led to the first system that allows interchangeable attachments for the skid steer, mini-excavator, and tractor, designed specifically for contractors and owner-operators.

Our Values

Our company was founded on the belief that true innovation can vastly improve efficiency and safety in the construction industry. We work hard to deliver the most innovative attachment products in the world to you.

We also recognize that we live in a country that celebrates and rewards ingenuity and entrepreneurship in a way that no other country does. It's for this reason our products are designed and built in the United States using mostly domestic steel.

When it comes to the process of finding the right attachment, we make certain that every customer receives the personalized service they need. If you have questions about our products or need help making a purchase, we look forward to working directly with you.


We back our products with a 10-day money back warranty and garantee.