Wood Splitter

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Product Description

The SideTool Mechanical Wood Splitter greatly increases efficiency in splitting wood without the manual lifting. Depending on the size and weight of your machine, you can split 30-42 inch rounds and 12-30 inch lengths. The heavier the machine, the easier it will be to split green wood, knotty wood, hardwoods, etc. – up to 16 pieces a minute.

Each splitter is made custom in the United States and uses professional grade and strength steel. The optimal machine is 3-8 metric tons, but even 4 ton machines easily split the toughest woods. We also have splitters for as large as 15 ton machines. You can stack the wood in a pile, bin, trailer, or inside your wood shed, instead of having to carry pieces around by hand.

The wood splitter attaches to the hydraulic or non-hydraulic thumb of the mini-excavator and uses your current coupler system. The attachement goes on and off in just a few minutes. Optimal size machines are in the 3-6 metric ton range, although we do have customers who operate the wood splitter with as small as a 1.5-ton machine or as large as a 7-ton machine. What makes this task even more efficient, is that you can use the wood splitter to lift the split pieces on to a pile or place them directly on your truck bed. This eliminates the need for additional labor to move the split pieces.


It helps move your order along faster if you can provide the four pin grabber measurements in the appropriate field above when submitting an order. If you use a pin grabber, please provide us with the Coupler Width, Pin Center to Center, Pin Diameter, and Thumb Width measurements. See the four illustrations below for a visual reference.



Other Details

USA Made:
100% designed and manufactured in the US.
Easy installation within 10-15 minutes.
Designed for excavator owners.
Splits 6+ cords within 8 hours.
Split toughest woods with ease.
Supports most mini-excavators on the market.
Round Diameter:
Split 32 inch diameter rounds directly on pile.
Payment installments available during checkout.

Warranty Information

SideTool offers all our US customers a 10-day money-back guarantee if our equipment does not perform as advertised. In order to define the terms and conditions of this guaranty more clearly, we have added the following points: It is expected that the operator of the machine which carries our attachments is skilled enough to operate a skid steer and/or an excavator. We are not responsible for the lack of skill of an operator. Mini-Excavators must be within a weight range of 3-8 metric tons. This guaranty is void for machines operating our equipment outside of this range. Skid Steers must weigh a minimum of 7,000 lbs., have at least 60 hp and a minimum flow rate of 16 gpm or this guaranty is void. Owners/Operators must follow all instructions and recommendations on product instruction sheets and product spec sheets. If attachments do not appear to work at first, owner/operator agrees to work with SideTool’s recommendations and suggestions, determining all possibilities to get the equipment to work as expected. Failure to follow instructions and/or failure to troubleshoot any issues with SideTool voids this guaranty. The 10-day guaranty period begins on the day the equipment is delivered and is henceforth counted as calendar days. Any issues/complaints must be filed with SideTool via email to within this time-period, accompanied by photos and/or videos so that SideTool can determine a solution(s) in a timely fashion. Failure to follow this procedure will void this guaranty. If all possibilities to resolve issues are exhausted, due to a complaint filed during the 10- day guaranty period and equipment needs to be returned, customer is responsible for cleaning the equipment, placing it on pallets and strapping it down with steel straps – all at customer’s expense, ready for transport. Customer must also have a forklift or skid steer available to load equipment on truck. Customer will be responsible for arranging shipping and associated freight costs. Failure to follow this procedure will void the guaranty.